All prices depends on images and requirements.

  • Basic retouch — from 6$.

Colour & lighting correction, remove skin defects, pimples etc., fix tone of skin (reduce redness), make body plastic (if needed), remove something superfluous from background.

  • Advanced retouch —  from 12$.

Retouch like in «basic» + more detailed work with skin (dodge & burning), a bit of hair retouching, work with clothes (delete folds if needed), enhance make-up, and in general, accurate work with attention to detail.

  • Premium retouch — from 25$.

«All inclusive» retouching. Good work with skin, hair, makeup, eyes, lips, clothes, background and any your requirement of retouching.

Send to me images in jpg (or Raw) and requirements to retouch (what need to do), I look at them and told you exact price.

Email to send request: