Advertising retouching tutorial with Psd — commercial photoshop

advertising retouching

Advertisig retouching? It’s easy! I share for you the post-production workflow of advertising retouching the Saucony sneaker. It’s not difficult image, therefore it will be useful even if you are a beginner or middle retoucher or photographer. This layered Psd-file and video will improve your skills and give you the understanding how to make high-end commercial images for you and your clients.

advertising retouching

I have a speed retouching video of this image.

You can by this layered Psd-file and video at normal speed.
Price: 10$

Email me:

Psd-file: 6659 x 4912 pixels, 300dpi, 16Bit. 1.52GB
Video: 39 min, 1900 x 1200 pixels, no sound (!). 1.87GB.

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